How To Make Money With A Blog

Is blogging just a hobby? No. You can actually make money with a blog. Find your niche, get started, and make your blog a little money-making machine.

You Got This

Before You Can Make Money With A Blog We Should Go Over Some Basics.

Okay, let’s be real, blogging is not the easiest way of making money but anybody can do it and it looks incredible on your CV.

You just need to have something to say, and you must be patient and dedicated to building traffic and following. How do successful bloggers make money? I will show you.

This guide will help you create a plan for getting your blog started and growing it into a small business.

There are two options for setting up a blog. You can either use a free platform or create your own website. We will walk you through each, highlighting the pros and cons.

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Free Blogging Platforms.

Ideal for: Casual bloggers, and those who are not interested in making money with their blog.

Pros: Very easy to set up and totally free.

Cons: You can’t use affiliate links or place ads, you can’t make a custom URL, and the platform can delete your blog.

Many platforms allow you to create a blog free of charge. They are also very easy to use. This could be a good option if you are just starting to blog.

However, most free blogging platforms are very restrictive. Your blog will be limited in its customization capabilities. Also, it may have a storage limit that makes it difficult to upload large images and videos.

Another drawback is that your blog URL will be something like ‘’ with the platform branding.

Many free blogging platforms don’t allow you to place affiliate links or banner ads on your site. These are important revenue streams that most bloggers use.

If you don’t mind these things, go for a blog with or

Create Your Own Website.

Build Your Own Website

The best for: Dedicated bloggers and people looking to make money with their blog.

Pros: Complete design control and customization. You can also create your own URL. You have the option to use affiliate links and adverts however you wish.

Cons: First, you’ll need to pay for your domain name (URL), then for hosting. However, we recommend SiteGround web hosting. This website is hosted by SiteGround.

You maybe don’t have a lot of technical knowledge, and creating your own website can seem daunting. However, it is actually quite simple and can be done very fast.

We have created a step-by-step guide that will show you how to create a website. We go over how you do your own branded website in this guide.

WordPress offers an incredible number of themes and templates. Pick one that suits your personality and your blog’s topic, then you simply just switch a few things around.

Choose something simple with large images and easy-to-read fonts.

Read our guide on how you build a blog.

Blog Topic & How To Choose.

Blog Topic

For example, if fashion’s your thing, instead of combining generic fashion content, you could combine your love for clothes with your big-hearted concern for the environment by blogging about environmentally-conscious designers instead?

These are the top ways to find a topic on your blog.

You should look at other blogs. What is working? or better said, what’s not working? Locate the market gaps.

Google – What are people looking for? Google suggests searches and auto-complete can be used to find what people are searching for. If they search for it, it means that there is a demand.

Forums are a good place to search for common FAQs. What are they looking for? This will reveal what people are most interested in and what information is lacking on the web.

Follow current trends – What are the most popular topics in the media? While it’s important to choose a topic that will last, it is also beneficial to be able to jump on trends early and become an expert in the field. 

Make tutorials/how-to guides, Reviews, Interviews, and Lists

Identify your passions and interests – Although all the above is important, it’s not a good idea to blog about things you don’t care about. People will notice your lack of enthusiasm and quickly become bored. You should write about something that you truly, deeply care about.

Here Are Some Way You Can Make Money With A Blog.

Some Ways You Can Make Money With A Blog

1. Affiliate Marketing.

Tracked affiliate links can be added to your blog’s text to promote affiliate products from other brands. With affiliate marketing, a small commission is earned each time a reader clicks through your link and purchases from a website you recommend.

Nearly all eCommerce websites offer affiliate programs. A big play in the game is Amazon

You can also use ClickBanks to find tons of products that you can promote with affiliate marketing.

2. Banner Ads.

You can sell banner advertising space to brands related to your readers on your blog.

Advertisements can be placed almost anywhere. However, they are most commonly located at the top of blogs pages or in the sidebar.

You can earn income in one of two ways: CPC (cost-per-click) will pay you a fixed amount for each reader who clicks your advert. CPM (cost-per-thousand) will pay you a set fee for every 1,000 impressions that the ad receives.

In 2021 CPC and CPM may be low due to AdBlocker. However, it all depends on the industry so you might want to give them a try.

You can quickly get started by creating an account with Google AdSense.

3. Sponsored Content.

According to bloggers, the best way to make money from a blog is to offer sponsored content opportunities (or advertorials). These adverts are basically paid articles or blog posts.

If Adidas releases a new line of swimwear and you have a blog about sportswear they may offer to pay you for writing an article on their product. It is possible to also add affiliate links here.

This method of monetization works best if you have a strong niche reader. Brands will often approach you after you have grown your readership to discuss sponsored posts.

4. Digital Products.

Sell your knowledge! This requires you to have substantial knowledge in a specific niche.

An easy example is digital marketing. If you are a good digital marketer and you cater your blog towards this you will most likely be able to sell a “digital marketing blueprint” course to your audience.

This is the hardest way of making money with your blog, but also the most lucurative.

Challenges When You Try To Make Money With A Blog.

Challenges are part of the game, Nothing easy is worth having usually.

Blog monetization is not easy. Most bloggers make close to 0 each month by monetizing their blogs, and this is with time a lot of time spent usually.

You need multiple income streams from different sources to be able to blog full-time. It takes time to make a blog profitable. Traffic is key. Advertisers will be more interested in you if you have more readers.

The biggest factor for the slow growth in the beginning (first-year minimum) is the competition. There are a lot of blogs out there so why should anyone read yours specifically?

Can You Really Make Money With A Blog?

The answer is yes, as we’ve seen. However, the amount of money you can make blogging is dependent on your personal circumstances. This is the nature of blogging. However, bloggers can make a lot of money if they are patient.

Monetizing a blog is a time-consuming process. Advertisers will be more interested in you if you have more readers, and readers usually take a long time to get.

You can make a decent living blogging by having several streams of income. Maybe build a few blogs at the same time. It all boils down to how much you want it and the effort you put in.

In Order To Make Money With A Blog, You Need A Blog.

we hope you enjoyed this post

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Disclosure: This content is reader-supported. If you click on our links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost for you.

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